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Local Shrewsbury Massage Therapists

The phrase “massage therapy” refers to a variety of techniques. In general, therapists push, massage, and otherwise manipulate the body’s muscles and soft tissues. They often utilise their hands and fingers, although they may sometimes use their forearms, elbows, or feet.

Exercise Massage

Are you a Shrewsbury athlete (amateur, semi-pro, or pro) who routinely puts your body through gruelling workouts? You need a strong massage therapist that can apply the appropriate pressure and understand the demands of elite athletes if you have general muscular pain, lactic acid buildup, or mild stress-related ailments.

Many sports massage therapists located near Shrewsbury have personal expertise in the exercise sector and will know your demands and have the expertise to provide results.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage targets individual muscle fibres, as the term implies. A deep tissue massage is used to ‘unstick’ muscle fibres and remove toxins and stress points trapped within the deeper layer of muscles. During therapy, specialised methods are utilised to work with the client’s breath and movement to help relieve muscular tightness.

Remedial Massage

Do you have muscular aches or persistent pain? Have your muscles been immobilised, damaged, or overworked? The treatment of these disorders is crucial for your overall health.

Massage can be mild or forceful, deep or superficial. Remedial massage is a comprehensive treatment that heals both the root of the disease and the symptoms. Remedial massage uses techniques to restore equilibrium to the body’s inherent healing systems. It increases blood flow, allowing toxins to leave the oxygenated blood. In addition, the peripheral nervous system is relaxed, allowing for better joint movement.

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses yogic stretching-like motions to work the entire body. Your therapist will push hard on your body with their hands and fingertips. You’ll also be stretched and twisted. During the massage, you can dress comfortably.

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