yoga telford blue moon makes me dislike my body

I started doing real yoga in Ironbridge a few months ago. I had a serious back injury just a few years ago, and have struggled with chronic hip and back discomfort since then, along with being active. Someone suggested I take up yoga every four days during the week. Since I’ve done everything else I could think of and failed, I decided to give it a go to give it a attempt.

The way I feel now is amazing. way yoga makes me feel physically. It really helps a lot and I’m getting some balance back I lost due to a slipped spine. It is my intention to continue to work on it.

However, it is a huge cause of me feeling incredibly unsecure. I am not a fan of looking at my legs from a forward folds and see stretch marks. I also hate the feeling of my stomach being visible when I’m sitting down, it’s as though I’m being compelled to look at these little insecurities for minutes at a time. I’ve never been a very confident person, but being so “close” to what I appear to be and how my body’s like in yoga really makes me feel self-conscious.

I’m sure yoga makes a lot of people feel really appreciative of their bodies and enjoy the connection to the physical body. But I’m having a hard time with it. But I’m not able just to close my eyes. I can’t pretend that seems like nothing is happening.

– Arabella

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