What Day is Oswestry Market On?

Oswestry, a town with a rich market tradition dating back to 1262, continues to be a hub for local shoppers and visitors alike. The town’s market culture has evolved from wool merchants bringing their products from Wales to a vibrant mix of local food, upcycled treasures, and even Oswestry’s Welsh Shop.

The Outdoor Street Market in Oswestry is a sight to behold. Happening every Wednesday and Saturday, rain or shine, stalls stretch from the market square, Bailey Head, down Bailey Street to Llwyd Mansions. This bi-weekly event ensures that visitors and locals have ample opportunities to explore the diverse offerings.

For those who prefer the cosiness of indoor shopping, the Indoor Market at Bailey Head is open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It’s a thriving space that continually attracts new stallholders, making it a dynamic centre for local produce and unique finds. And for music enthusiasts, there’s even a public piano, inviting anyone to entertain shoppers with their melodies.

Speciality outdoor markets also grace the town on Fridays throughout the year. On the last Friday of every month, local artisans gather for their monthly visit, showcasing their crafts and products.

In summary, if you’re going to be shopping in Oswestry and wondering when to visit the Oswestry markets, remember they’re open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Whether looking for fresh produce, artisan crafts, or unique treasures, Oswestry’s markets have something for everyone. Take advantage of this integral part of Oswestry’s heritage and culture.

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