Today was my first class in yoga in Shrewsbury – Battlefield and it was a profound experience I’ll never forget

I haven’t done any exercise in many years.

“Today was my first yoga class in Shrewsbury, and it was an eye-opening experience that I will never forget.”

In my teen years, I was an avid sportsman and martial arts instructor. I was physically fit and strong. I believed in my abilities.

It’s my mid-twenties and I’m, fat, and an active person. I’m unable to fully stretch my legs when I stand up straight due to my stiffness and sluggishness.

Today I chose to go to Yoga class in Shrewsbury. It took about an hour, and was quite difficult. The self-image I have built is deeply embedded as I grew older, and I was stunned by how hard I was to do chores I was able to accomplish.

At the midway mark, you’re sweating heavily the entire time, sliding over the mat and shaking at every touch. Despite this, I finished the race.

However I’ll be back in the next week. pilates and yoga in shrewsbury

– Sophia

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