telford and wrekin council yoga makes me dislike my body

I started doing real yoga in St George’s a few months ago. I suffered a significant back injury a few years back, and I’ve been suffering with chronic back and hip pain ever since, along with being active. Somebody suggested that I do yoga about four times a week, and since I’ve done everything else I could think of, I figured why not try yoga, and decided to give it attempt.

It’s amazing the physical and mental benefits of yoga physically. It really does help immensely and I’m seeing the balance I lost because I injured my spine. I’m definitely going to continue to do it.

However, it can make me feel very unsecure. I hate looking at my legs while in forward folds and see stretch marks. I hate the feeling of my stomach being visible when I’m lying down, it’s almost like I’m being forced to look at these small insecurities for hours at a time. I’ve never been a very self-confident person, but being in a position to be so “close” to what I seem to look like and what my body looks like during yoga really makes me feel self-conscious.

I’m sure yoga makes a lot of people feel extremely grateful for their bodies. They also appreciate the connection with themselves as physical. But I’m having a hard time with it. It’s not as simple as closing my eyes to pretend that does not exist.

– Holly

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