Is Telford Bigger Than Shrewsbury?

Two names often pop up in the conversation when comparing towns in Shropshire: Telford and Shrewsbury. A common question is, “Is Telford bigger than Shrewsbury?” Let’s delve into the heart of Telford and explore what makes it stand out.

Telford’s Strategic Location

Telford, one of the largest towns in Shropshire, boasts a strategic location. It’s nestled between notable cities and towns such as Shrewsbury, Stafford, Wolverhampton, and Birmingham. This positioning makes Telford a popular choice for commuters. Moreover, the picturesque River Severn gracefully winds its way through Telford, Coalbrookdale, Iron bridge, and Coalport, offering residents and visitors alike a chance to soak in the serene beauty of the region.

Historical Significance

The town is named after the renowned Civil Engineer Thomas Telford. His contributions to Shropshire’s infrastructure, including roads, canals, and architectural marvels, are legendary. Telford’s modern town structure owes its existence to merging of smaller towns like Wellington, Dawley, Madeley, and Oakengates.

Living in Telford

Admaston: A village exuding charm, Admaston is known for its diverse property types, ranging from Victorian builds to modern homes. The community spirit here is palpable, and amenities are aplenty. Schools in the vicinity, such as those in Bratton and Dothill, have received commendable ratings from Ofsted.

Dawley: Located on the west side of Telford Town Park, Dawley offers various property types. The town park, a stone’s throw away, is a haven for nature lovers and provides many recreational activities.

Priorslee: This area is a hit among families, thanks to its scenic lakeside walks and excellent connectivity. The local schools have been rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted, making it a preferred choice for families with school-going children.

Recreational Activities in Telford

From the award-winning Telford Exotic Zoo to the sprawling Telford Town Park, Telford has plenty of activities. The Wrekin, an ancient hilltop fortress, offers panoramic views of the Shropshire Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


So, is Telford bigger than Shrewsbury? In terms of size, Telford does hold an edge. But more than its size, the rich history, strategic location, and amenities make Telford a sought-after place to live. If you’re considering a move, Telford might be a nice place.

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