How has Shrewsbury Yoga Group improved your life? (opposite to Greenfields)

Even if I’m not participating in an exercise class, I depend on my breathing to help me navigate stressful or difficult situations.
Since I’m not one for physical exercise, I decided to give yoga a shot. Being able to “breathe through movements” has enabled me to undertake considerably more physical exertion than I ever imagined possible.
When I’m stressed I’m anxious, I’m likely to exhale more forcefully and inhale more slowly. I used to be out of breath and couldn’t breathe in fear. With these conditions breathing deep comes easily to me, almost as if my body has figured out how to breathe on its own, which is great because it improves my calming.
As strange as it may seem, it creates an environment of mental peace where individuals’ bodies are valued and valued for what they are regardless of their exterior appearance. I’ve developed a new appreciation for my body during the exercise session I attended yesterday.
antigravity yoga shrewsbury

– Emilia

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