aerial yoga telford makes me dislike my body

I started doing real yoga in Donnington a few months ago. I was suffering from a severe back injury a few months back , and have had to deal with chronic back and hip pain since, which is on top of being very active. Someone suggested I start doing yoga about four times per week, and since I’ve attempted everything else, I figured why not give it a try.

It’s amazing the physical and mental benefits of yoga physically. It really does help significantly and I’m starting to gain the balance I lost due to a slipped spine. I’m planning to continue to work on it.

This causes me to feel extremely insecure. I am not a fan of looking at my legs while in forward folds and seeing stretch marks. I also hate looking at my stomach when bent over, it’s as if I’m being forced to look at all the little imperfections for minutes at a time. I’m not the most confident person. However, being that “close” to what I look like and what my body’s like in yoga really makes me feel bad about myself.

I’m sure yoga makes a lot of people feel very appreciative of their bodies and enjoy the connection to {their physical self|the physical body|themselves as physical|your physical and mental self|one’s physical|ou
– Esme

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